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Our Services


ATF WORKS is a Web3 service arm of AsiaTokenFund Group providing all-in-one services from Technical Development, Blockchain Integration, Go-To-Market Strategies and Activations to PR, Marketing & Events Activations. Having had more than 100+ Web3 project clients, through our initiatives we have successfully raised over $100M fundings for our projects clients which then listed to several Tier 1 exchanges. Our agency supports project founders anywhere from zero to late stage project. 

Blockchain (Dedicated L1)

In partnership with THXNET. Rootchain (L0), we can support enterprises and projects to launch their own dedicated Private / Public Blockchain (Layer 1) within a short time-frame. This adds greater security to the project and greater benefits to project users. 

Advisory & Consultation on Web3

We specialises in all-stages in advisory and consultancy for your projects with aim to launch a successful Go-To-Market strategies to Fundraising. We support in Tokenomics, Pitch Decks, Whitepaper, Web-Designs and all other end-to-end consultations.

Fundraising Strategy & Listings

Having experience raising over $100M fundings, we provide advisory, guidance and hands-on work with project founders to improve their fundraising experience. By remodelling project funding package, we prepare project to face investors without much hiccups. This covers from Tokenomics, Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, Pitch Blurb and also narrowing down the VCs. Take note that we do not to pitches blindly and we only support to pitch for projects that meet our requirements. Post funding, we also support token listing on various exchanges and Market Making.

dApps and Product Development

Our In-House Tech Team specialises in building web3 dApps and also other applications such as Wallets, DEX Aggregator, Exchanges, Mobile Payment apps and other products. Inquire with us the products that you need. 

Go-To-Market, PR & Marketing

Our Marketing & PR Agency specialises in Web3 Marketing having helped over 100+ projects. We provide end-to-end marketing such as Community Growth, KOLs & Influencers, Media PR, Go-to-market activations and other activities to support project pre & post listings.

Events & Roadshows

Having organised over 30+ events and conference ourselves, from Southeast Asia to the UK and United States, we specialises in organising various events small scale and large scale. Our event IPs are Blockchain Innovation Tour & The Web3Con which totalling saw more than 10,000 attendees. We also supported to co-host Tech Investment Show which saw over 5,000 attendees and 50+ VC attending. 

We can support our client to source for good deals in global events or help organised dedicated events, roadshows, hackathon, after-party and so on. 

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